Get a map to the root cause of the most complex bugs

Squash bugs faster and resolve hard-to-fix flaws with interactive application maps. Debug your web apps right in your code editor - you may not even need a debugger.

Free and open-source interactive code analysis platform

Investigate bugs in a clear, visual way

Don’t know where the bug is? No problem. AppMap links unexpected behavior to the code causing the issue. Unlike in a debugger, see the whole picture of the flaw and visually explore the code execution leading to the bug.

Localize and understand bugs in minutes

Debuggers are helpful when you can localize the problem in your code, but getting to that point isn’t easy. AppMap helps you understand where to look. AppMaps automatically visualize the entire code and data flow, and show you what happens when your code runs. Examine the code trace top-down or bottom-up, jump forwards or backwards - in any order you like. Finding hidden problems just got a lot faster!

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Resolve hard-to-fix bugs

With a complete map of code behavior, find and resolve flaws that usually reveal themselves only in production (e.g. security weaknesses, structural and functional bugs). Fix these flaws in development and prevent time-consuming, future rework.

Learn more about how to catch and fix insecure designs with AppMap.
Debug in your code editor

Auto-generated AppMaps bring all factors contributing to bugs directly to your code editor and allow you to easily navigate relevant source code. In many cases, you won’t even need a debugger - just AppMap and your rubber ducky. If you do need a debugger, with AppMap you’ll know where to set breakpoints to speed up your investigation.

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Debug your code your way

Like a debugger, AppMap contains parameter names and values. Unlike a debugger, AppMap lets you explore the code execution in any order you like, because all data is pre-recorded.

Explore top-down

Node trace shows you the code execution with a wealth of context linked to it. Jump straight into a backend service call or any of its functions downstream and follow what happens from that moment on. Parameters, return values, status codes, SQL, exceptions, URLs, route names, function labels and library functions are all available.

Or go bottom-up

Start with an important SQL command that’s executed thousands of steps later after the bug, then step back to see what your code did upstream and why. In the AppMap dependency view, click on the Database to see all of the SQL queries and continue your investigation around the particular query.

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Start debugging with AppMap

Interactive maps of the bug are everything you need for rapid debugging and testing -- without leaving your code editor.

Reproduce the bug
Open the AppMap
Use the AppMap diagrams to inspect the code behavior
Record and publish your solution

Learn how to collaborate on resolving complex bugs by sharing the recording of the issue.

What developers say about AppMap

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Visuals are gold! Especially for someone who is newer to programming. This tool helped me understand the apps I've been building on a deeper level."

— Jake, Ruby developer

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Just by using the extension once, I identified two unnecessary dependencies in my app. Though the application is a minimal one, I think AppMap will be handy when developing a big application."

— Hesbon, Python developer

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Helped me better understand and analyze the hierarchy and structure of my applications. Looks awesome, performs great, and provides truly invaluable feedback!"

— Max, Java developer

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