Ace your code review

Attach an AppMap to your pull request to show how your new code works. Interactive code maps show how code changes impact the larger codebase and prove they won’t introduce side effects.

Free and open-source interactive code analysis platform

Visualize PRs to speed up code reviews

Attach interactive AppMaps to your PR to give your teammates a fast, visual overview of changes and context. Dependency maps show how changes impact the codebase and trace diagrams let you explore code execution.

How to record and add interactive diagrams to a pull request »

Preview the impact and commit with confidence

With an auto-generated AppMap, see the impact of your changes before you commit, right in your code editor. AppMap shows how your code actually works so you don’t have to worry about introducing unintended side effects that need to be reworked later.

How to record an interactive diagram of an issue »

See the local and distant effects of changes

AppMap helps find local issues in your code plus the distant effects of changes. Interactive maps of your code in action show how every component interacts and identify unintended side effects related to web services, APIs, third-party libraries and databases.

How to debug unintended side effects with AppMap »

Catch architectural and maintainability issues

AppMap catches issues that static code analysis misses by visualizing application design and giving functionality context. High-level dependency maps show how changes impact different parts of the codebase and if changes are easily maintainable. See architectural issues, unjustified logic complications, security vulnerabilities and sources for test coverage improvement.

How to use AppMaps diagrams in the code review process »

Ace your code review with AppMap

2.5 minutes from the installation to the first AppMaps in your code editor. Learn how to record and add interactive diagrams to a pull request with AppMap with a step-by-step guide. »

Install and configure the AppMap agent for your language
AppMap agent records executing code as JSON files
The AppMap extension for your code editor displays AppMap data as interactive diagrams

See AppMap in action

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AppMap works beautifully with these popular languages and frameworks

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Ruby on Rails

What developers say about AppMap

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Visuals are gold! Especially for someone who is newer to programming. This tool helped me understand the apps I've been building on a deeper level."

— Jake, Ruby developer

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Just by using the extension once, I identified two unnecessary dependencies in my app. Though the application is a minimal one, I think AppMap will be handy when developing a big application."

— Hesbon, Python developer

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Helped me better understand and analyze the hierarchy and structure of my applications. Looks awesome, performs great, and provides truly invaluable feedback!"

— Max, Java developer

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Automatically generated AppMaps of your code include:

  • Dependency maps
  • Execution trace diagrams
  • List of web services and SQL queries
  • Search and filter code, web services, and SQL
  • Links to source code
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