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Understand and evolve your critical apps

Interactive code analysis provides authoritative information about architecture and code behavior across your entire code base.

AppMap Cloud helps your development team meet goals for maintainability, stability, and quality while they code.

Accelerate development cycles
and deliver with confidence

With automatically updated AppMaps, clearly see the impact of proposed changes across multiple development teams. Quickly share essential information across delivery, security, and architectural review teams.

Respond to breaking changes faster

Most observability tools can only point you in the direction of the problem. AppMap Cloud links unexpected behavior directly to the code that is causing the issue. No more muddling through breakpoints or sifting through logs. Get essential information to the right team, faster.

Find the most expensive flaws

Static analyzers can only inspect one line of code at a time. Interactive code analysis sees the whole picture. Compute and track accurate design and structural quality metrics. Trace the history of software design changes, security design changes, and maintainability of your platform across releases.

Store all your AppMaps in one location, aggregate across them, search and filter.
Integrate with your agile workflow and continuous integration toolchain.
Create teams, groups, and organizations. Get the right information to the right people.
Central design visibility for all teams

Interactive code analysis allows your entire team to operate from complete, consistent views of architecture and code behavior. AppMap Cloud stores AppMaps for every branch and version of every project, so that developers can compare their work against other branches.

Automated and always up to date

Authoritative AppMaps updated with every CI/CD run provide a consistent picture of application behavior. AppMap Cloud enables you to reference specific AppMaps by URL, and directly embed them in emails, messages, bug reports and pull requests. Instantly investigate bugs, without having to setup a development environment.

Legacy app? No problem.

Are you working with a legacy application with poor test coverage or no functional tests? No problem. AppMap Cloud can collect data by browser extension and other methods.
Contact us to learn more about recording AppMap data.

AppMap works beautifully with these popular languages and frameworks

Languages and frameworks
Ruby on Rails

What is an interactive code analyzer?

An interactive code analyzer (ICA) performs all its analysis in real-time, and anywhere in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) - designing, building, testing, or even in production.

An ICA applies its analysis to the entire app:­ all its code; its runtime control and data flow information; its configuration information; HTTP requests and responses; libraries, frameworks and other components; SQL; and backend connection information. Access to all that information allows the ICA engine to cover more code and observe a broader range of performance, maintainability, stability, and security issues than either static analyzers or performance monitoring tools.

How it works

1. Install the AppMap open source client tools
2. Record executing code and test cases
3. Get accurate software design diagrams right in your code editor
4. Upload AppMaps to AppMap Cloud to share and collaborate with your team

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