How can I contact someone for support?

A: Join us on Discord or send email to [email protected]

I see empty AppMaps. Why is it happening and how do I fix them?

A: There are three main reasons why your AppMaps are empty:

  1. The appmap.yml file does not exist or the recording agent is not configured to find it at its present location. Make sure the file exists and is picked up by the recording agent.
  2. The appmap.yml file is not configured to cover the code of your application. Make sure that it lists all packages/modules, classes and functions that are executed when the AppMaps are recorded.
  3. Your tests do not execute code that is configured to be recorded. Review the appmap.yml file (see the answer above), update your tests to execute the code-to-be-recorded or use other methods of AppMap recording if your code coverage is thin.

I do not see AppMaps recorded in the output folders.

A: Make sure that a) appmap.yml exists and is properly configured, b) the language agent is correctly set up, c) the AppMap agent is activated when running tests. Check the language-specific intructions below for additional information.

For a step-by-step AppMap setup guide, visit the Quickstart guide and follow the instructions for your code editor and language.


No AppMaps are recorded when running tests with Maven.

A: Make sure that a) appmap.yml exists and is properly configured, b) the AppMap plugin is in the correct location in pom.xml, c ) non-standard surefire configuration can prevent the AppMap agent to get activated when running tests. See the Maven plugin guide for details.

How do I fix an unknown template for ordinal error?

A: An unknown template for ordinal error happens when PowerMock uses its own ClassLoader to load the com.appland.* classes. To avoid this, you need to instruct PowerMock to ignore these classes. Please see the appmap-java reference documentation for more information.


Why aren’t my AppMaps showing HTTP requests?

A: You’re most likely missing the Railtie dependency. Make sure you require appmap/railtie in application.rb. See the Agent setup documentation for further details about instrumentation of Rails applications.

I’m getting undefined method error when recording AppMaps

A: Move require 'appmap/rspec' before any other classes get loaded in spec_helper.rb, see Ruby documentation for details.

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