CLI - Standalone “prune” command


Note This is a standalone CLI command written in Node JS. It should not be confused with the much more full-featured Client CLI command which is also documented here in this reference guide. Expect the “prune” command to be merged into appmap-cli in the near future.


Pre-built binaries are available here.


$ appmap
Usage: appmap [options] [command]

  -V, --version           output the version number
  -h, --help              display help for command

  prune [options] <file>  parse an appmap file from url
  help [command]          display help for command


prune will remove large event types to meet a maximum size requirement.

Usage: appmap prune [options] <input> <size>

prune an appmap file down to the given size (if applicable)

  -o, --output-dir <dir>  specify the output directory (default: ".")
  -h, --help              display help for command


$ appmap prune appland.results.json 2MB

How it works

Pruning works by finding the most repetitive calls within a given “chunk” and removing events associated with those calls. A chunk is defined as a group of logic, consisting of one or more full call stacks. Boundaries of these chunks are created around application entrypoints such as inbound HTTP request.

An example list of chunks is provided below:

HTTP request - GET /user
Background thread processing
HTTP request - PUT /user
Background thread processing
HTTP request - GET /

For each chunk, aggregate the total number of unique events. Starting from the most repetitive event type, remove instances of that event until the size of the chunk (in byte) is less than:

requested size / total event array size * starting chunk size

In essence, we’re calculating a unique exclusion list for each chunk. This prevents an excessively noisy or repetitive call stack in one area of execution from affecting the results of unrelated areas of execution.

Non-application events such as HTTP requests and SQL queries will always be retained. This means that the end result can never be smaller than the total size of these events combined.

GitHub repository

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