Rubymine quickstart

3. View your AppMaps

Open an AppMap file in the project to view diagrams of the recording.

You have several options how to open AppMap files:

  1. Open the AppMap tool window and pick an AppMap from the list:
    • Press SHIFT CTRL|⌘ A , then type AppMaps and select the AppMaps view action, then pick an AppMap from the list, or
  2. Open any generated .appmap.json file directly from the file tree navigator, or
  3. Open a recently modified AppMap:
    • Press SHIFT CTRL|⌘ A , then type AppMap and select AppMap: Open most recently modified AppMap

AppMap list

Fig.1 List of AppMaps

Open most recently modified AppMap

Fig.2 Open the most recently modified AppMap action

Depending on the executed code and functionality covered, you should see a viewer with a diagram similar to this one:

Dependency Map

Fig.3 Example of an AppMap

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  • Visit the How-to guides for practical instructions for applying AppMaps to your daily tasks and routines

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