Node.js requirements for install

Before you begin
If at any point you would like some help getting installed please open a support ticket by sending an email to [email protected] and we will schedule some time to get you set up.

AppMap installer requires Node.js version 14+

Node.js (usually referred to simply as “Node”) is a widely-used open source implementation of JavaScript for desktop and server environments.

The AppMap agent installer relies on a tool called npx to run our interactive CLI installer. npx is included in all modern Node.js installations, so installing Node.js will also install npx automatically.

Checking if you have Node.js or nvm installed

You can check to see if you have Node.js installed (and which version is present, if any) by running this in your terminal:

node  -v

If this command prints a version like v16.15.0 or similar, and the version is newer than v14, you very likely have the right version of Node.js installed,continue your AppMap Agent installation.

If you do not have Node.js installed, or if you have a version that is older than version v14 then you should first install nvm, the Node.js Version Manager.

Installing nvm

We recommend that you use Node.js Version Manager (nvm) to install Node.js on your machine. Nvm makes managing and installing different versions of Node.js very simple.

First, check to see if nvm is already installed on your system using this command:

nvm -v

If you do not have nvm installed, follow the instructions for installing nvm (Mac/Linux) or nvm-windows (Windows).

Once you have nvm installed, use this commands to install and use the latest ‘long term support’ version of Node.js:

nvm install --lts

Now that you have Node.js installed you will also now have npx installed. You can continue with your AppMap agent installation.

Installing AppMap without Node.js (for experienced users)

We provide instructions for manual setup and configuration of AppMap in the reference section of our docs. Manual installation does not require Node.js.

  • Manual installation for Ruby
  • Manual installation for Java
  • Manual installation for Python (beta)
  • Manual installation for JavaScript (beta)

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