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Open a terminal window in the root of your project and paste in this command:

npx @appland/appmap install

You will be guided through a series of steps for installing and configuring that agent, that will look like this:

$ npx @appland/appmap install


✔ Installing the AppMap agent...
✔ Validating the AppMap agent...

   │                                                               │
   │         Success! The AppMap agent has been installed.         │
   │                                                               │
   │   Run your tests with npx appmap-agent-js -- "test command"   │
   │    By default, AppMap files will be output to target/appmap   │
   │                                                               │
   │                  For more information, visit                  │
   │        │
   │                                                               │

After you have installed the agent proceed to Record AppMaps.

Manual installation

For installation without Node.js follow this manual installation procedure.

1. Install the appmap package

Add the @appland/appmap-agent-js package to the package.json file of your project with npm or yarn:

npm install @appland/appmap-agent-js

2. Create a file named appmap.yml in the root folder of your project

Add your application modules and source (or binary) folders to appmap.yml

For projects with JavaScript source maps: add paths to sources to be recorded. For example:

name: MyApp
  - path: src/controllers
  - path: src/data
  - path: src/lib
  - path: src/models
  - path: src/routes

For projects without JavaScript source maps: include build folders. For example:

name: MyApp
  - path: dist/controllers
  - path: dist/data
  - path: dist/lib
  - path: dist/models
  - path: dist/routes

If you aren’t sure which option to take, start with both source and build folders and optimize the appmap.yml file later.

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