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Free and open-source interactive code analysis platform

See what your code actually does with interactive maps that are automatically generated right in your code editor. Inspect end-to-end code and data flows, uncover design bugs, identify distant effects of code changes, debug complex code, prevent security flaws, and more.

Works out of the box with your Ruby, Python and Java code

Fully automated.
No manual work.

2.5 minutes from install to application
maps in your code editor.

Battle-tested on projects with
up to 10 million lines of code.

Get oriented faster. AppMap helps you understand code's design and behavior.

Trying to get from point A to point B in a complex code base?

AppMap analyzes your software by driving the back roads of code, collecting information about how the code works, and turning that information into interactive maps in your IDE.

Zoom in and out fast and get the right level of detail, from high-level code design views to detailed code path traces linked to source code. See how functions, web services, data stores, security, I/O and dependent services work together.

What developers say about AppMap

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Visuals are gold! Especially for someone who is newer to programming. This tool helped me understand the apps I've been building on a deeper level."

— Jake, Ruby developer

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Just by using the extension once, I identified two unnecessary dependencies in my app. Though the application is a minimal one, I think AppMap will be handy when developing a big application."

— Hesbon, Python developer

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Helped me better understand and analyze the hierarchy and structure of my applications. Looks awesome, performs great, and provides truly invaluable feedback!"

— Max, Java developer

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Accelerate every stage of your dev flow

Debug complex code and data queries in your IDE

AppMap automatically generates a map to the root cause so you can localize bugs in minutes. See the whole picture of the bug and visually explore the code execution leading to it. Navigate top-down starting with the code trace view, or go bottom-up with a SQL-first or function-first view.

Learn how to troubleshoot with AppMap visually.
Document and communicate the behavior and design of any piece of code

AppMap helps you communicate code’s behavior, logic and design with other developers in a clear, visual way. Automatically record any piece of code, whether it’s a new feature, bug, issue or just software end-to-end. Share interactive AppMaps with your teammates via one, simple link and attach the link to a ticket in Jira or GitHub.

Learn how to add an interactive diagram to an issue.
Ace your code reviews

With AppMaps, code reviews start in your code editor. Preview the impact of changes on the larger codebase and catch local and distant side effects. Attach interactive AppMaps to your pull requests to demonstrate how your code works, so reviewers can quickly confirm that your code changes haven't introduced any technical debt or security issues.

Learn how to add interactive diagrams to a pull request.

Automatically generated AppMaps of your software include:

  • Dependency maps
  • Execution trace diagrams
  • List of web services and SQL queries
  • Search and filter code, web services, and SQL
  • Links to source code
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