See the impact of every
line of code

Interactive code analysis (ICA) finds the effects and side-effects of code changes before they ship.

Preview important changes to software quality and code behavior, right in your IDE.

Fewer defects, less rework

Interactive code analysis flags major and minor changes to code behavior, architecture, and design. Detect and compare changes to: web services, routes, parameters, status codes, SQL, dependencies, third party libraries, database schemas, exceptions, and key functions. See and resolve issues before you commit code.

Respond to breaking changes faster

Most observability tools can only point you in the direction of the problem. Interactive code analysis links unexpected behavior directly to the code that is causing the issue. No more muddling through breakpoints or sifting through logs. Get essential information to the right team, faster.

Stay in your flow

Get the big picture, with a complete, searchable directory of web services, code, libraries, dependencies, and SQL. Drill down into detailed code flows, and even farther down into source. Then step all the way back out again, without ever leaving your code editor.

What developers say about AppMap

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Visuals are gold! Especially for someone who is newer to programming. This tool helped me understand the apps I've been building on a deeper level."

— Jake, Ruby developer

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Just by using the extension once, I identified two unnecessary dependencies in my app. Though the application is a minimal one, I think AppMap will be handy when developing a big application."

— Hesbon, Python developer

Visual Studio Code Marketplace review
star star star star star

"Helped me better understand and analyze the hierarchy and structure of my applications. Looks awesome, performs great, and provides truly invaluable feedback!"

— Max, Java developer

Our Products

interactive code analysis tool

AppMap is an interactive code analysis tool purpose built for developers. It allows you to see the impact of proposed code changes to software design in your code editor. It includes:

  1. Dependency maps
  2. Execution trace diagrams
  3. List of web services and SQL queries
  4. Search and filter code, web services, and SQL
  5. Links to source code

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interactive code analysis platform

AppLand is an interactive code analysis platform built for teams. It creates a centralized knowledge base of information about the current, pending, and historical state of your software architecture and code behavior. AppLand integrates with your continuous integration, QA or even production environment.

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Free, open source, self-contained extension. Easy install from the VSCode Marketplace.
Lightweight, open source language clients for Ruby, Java and Python.
Battle tested on projects up to 1 million lines of code.
  • Free, open source, self-contained extension. Easy install from the VS Code marketplace.

  • Lightweight, open source language clients for Ruby, Java and Python.

  • Battle tested on projects up to 1 million lines of code.

AppLand works beautifully with these popular languages and frameworks

Languages and frameworks
Ruby on Rails

Explore, Understand, and
Improve Your Software

For developers
Quickly grok the largest code bases

Start with the auto-generated dependency map. Navigate to related code, queries, and web services. See how all the components interact to make a feature.

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Debug efficiently

Start your debug session with AppMaps. Working top-down from the high-level dependencies map, drill down into detailed trace diagrams and then into source code. Get to the root cause fast.

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Unblock yourself

Having a hard time figuring out how a 3rd party library or complex feature works? Record an AppMap and see how all the parts fit together, navigating from high-level down to function, parameter, and SQL details.

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For teams
Create crystal clear bug reports

Record the code behavior of an entire problem from end-to-end, and attach it to the bug report.

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Document automatically as you work

Each AppMap is living documentation of a feature. Always up-to-date, always accurate, always relevant.

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Effective software design reviews

Help your teammates and other teams understand the context of application code changes.

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For Enterprise
An API for analyzing architecture

Standardize and unify your platform architecture and dependencies. Detect breaking changes to web services and database schemas before they are deployed. Scan for software weaknesses and flag risky changes for further review.

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Streamline your security and architecture audits

Audit code easily and continuously, thanks to auto-generated maps of software architecture and design. Eliminate costly code freezes and ship new features every day, even in the most sensitive applications.

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Legacy code: No tests? No problem!

The AppMap framework has a wide variety of data collection methods. Organizations with thin automated test coverage can still benefit from the entire suite of AppMap and AppLand tools for developers and teams.

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What is an interactive code analyzer?

An interactive code analyzer (ICA) performs all its analysis in real-time, and anywhere in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) - designing, building, testing, or even in production.

An ICA applies its analysis to the entire app:­ all its code; its runtime control and data flow information; its configuration information; HTTP requests and responses; libraries, frameworks and other components; SQL; and backend connection information. Access to all that information allows the ICA engine to cover more code and observe a broader range of performance, maintainability, stability, and security issues than either static analyzers or performance monitoring tools.

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